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Air Navigation Pro is prepared to work with an external device known as AHRS from Levil technology. It’s compatible with its two versions:

  • AHRS g mini
  • iLevil AHRS

The AHRS will provide with accurate data for altitude, bank and rudder. Besides it shares pressure, altitude and airspeed information with Air Navigation Pro if the sensors are active under “Tools” menu.


Air Navigation comes with the possibility of setting the QNH at the top of the Altitude indicator within the EFIS module. You can change it when in


“Flight Mode”.

External devices compatible with the pressure indicator:

  • iLevil AHRS / AHRS g mini
  • ASI FlyNet2

Also, by pressing on the top bar (Compass indicator, as shown below on the image), you can toggle the screen view to Course/Heading mode. This will only work when using the AHRS g mini gadget.


Note: If you split the screen on the iPad while using the EFIS module, you will always show the Route module and the Moving Map as the ONLY instruments. You can also turn the Elevation graph ON and you will see the Elevation data up to 10 NM ahead.

“View mode” in 3D EFIS module


In «Edit» mode, you can manually move along the 3D terrain by controlling pitch, heading, altitude and moving back and forth.

When you have a route created and still in «Edit» mode, if you press on a waypoint from the «Route» module, you will be positioned 2 NM from the selected waypoint in direction of the leg.

Use the following controls to move along the terrain:

  • Use the Altitude indicator to move up/down.
  • Use the arrows on the left to move forth and back.
  • Use the artificial horizon in the middle of the screen to control pitch and direction.

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