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Air Navigation Pro offers the possibility to calculate the total fuel consumption for the whole flight and the estimated arrival time when you plan a route.


First of all, you will have to create an Aircraft profile. In order to do that, press on «Aircraft» under «Document Browser» menu and proceed to add a New aircraft. You will be able to set the Aircraft`s identification and choose an image (optional). After completing with the ID, you will be taken back to the window where your new Aircraft ID is created.

In order to enter more information about your Aircraft, you should press on the BLUE-circled button on the right side.


Under “Cruise information”, you will be able to enter the Cruise Speed and the Fuel flow of your Aircraft. This information is very important for Air Navigation to calculate the ETA and Fuel consumption.

Under “Make, model, appearance” you will be able to enter the aircraft’s info and choose color.

Should you wish to change speed or altitude units, you can do it from the «Settings» panel.

Warning.jpg Don`t forget to select your Aircraft. Once selected, you should see a green mark on the left side of the ID, as it is shown on the image above.

If you wish to send the Aircraft profile by e-mail, should you do it through the button on the upper-right corner.


Note: After creating a route, when pressing on «Summary» within the Route module, you will then be able to see the ETA and the estimated Fuel consumption for the whole flight.

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