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Air Navigation Pro is compatible with the Apple Watch. The purpose of Air Navigation for Apple Watch is to support pilots who are used to making the same kind of flights, but don't want to mistakenly enter the wrong airspace.

When connected with Air Navigation Pro, the watch will display information about the surrounding airspace. It will display any airspace in front of, on top of, or below the current position, and the approximate distance to terrain or obstacles.

To avoid that the watch will change the app every time you are not looking at it, make sure to follow these instructions:

Open "Settings", tap "General" -> "Activate on Wrist Raise", and make sure Wrist Raise is turned on. Then scroll down to choose opening to the last-used app. You can also do this using the Apple Watch app on iPhone: tap My Watch, go to "General" -> "Activate on Wrist Raise", then choose "Resume Previous Activity".

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