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Existing/created ICAO Airport waypoint. From the «Documents» folder on the WebDAV server, OPEN the «Airport charts» folder. Remember to create a new folder with the ICAO code name of the Airport and copy the PDF document inside it.

Example: I want to add an Aerodrome chart to the Airport of ICAO: LFAO. I will then create a folder named “LFAO” inside “Airports charts” and then copy the PDF document “LFAO aerodrome chart.PDF”.

Any non-ICAO waypoint. Air Navigation Pro allows you to attach a PDF document to ANY type of waypoint (Airfield, Heliport, IFR waypoint, User Waypoint, etc). The procedure is the same as for the ICAO-code waypoints. You should create a new folder inside «Airport charts» folder with the EXACT name of the waypoint and then copy the PDF document into it.

Example: I want to add a PDF document to an Airfield named “Marco Aurelio 2”. I will then create a new folder named “Marco Aurelio 2” and i will copy the PDF file into it. See that I’m respecting the “spaces” that the waypoint’s name has.

The user can open the PFD documents from within Air Navigation Pro from the «Document Browser» menu or directly by pressing on the waypoint and selecting the Document from the pop-up window, as the screenshot shows below.


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