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The docks offer you a quick access to relevant information about Departure, Arrival and Alternate airport.

They will appear on the right side of the moving map after a route is created or loaded.

Note: You can set an alternate airport by tapping on the route summary and entering the ID of the airfield in the alternate field.

There are three kind of Docks:

  • DEP
  • ARR
  • ALTN

Tapping on one of the docks, will open up a tab with information related to the waypoint. To close this tab just tap anywhere on the map.

The tab will have four pages:


On this page you will have access to the charts and documents (*). You will also see the frequencies of the airfield. When tapping on the chart, it will be displayed on the moving map. By tapping on the red cross the chart will be closed. Tapping on the circled arrow will change to the next chart.


Will show information about the location of the airfield and surroundings:

  • Height
  • Coordinates
  • Sunrise/Sunset time
  • Radio Navigation Aids: distance and radial
  • Runways
  • Obstacles (*)


Gathers weather information from the weather stations next to the airfield. The app will calculate altitudes taking in account the current weather. It will also show the METAR. By tapping on a station you will be able to see the report including the TAF.


Nearby NOTAMS will be shown. For this page to work you will need to request a briefing first. (*)

Note: If information is missing (weather, NOTAM, etc.), change to the EDIT MODE and go back to flight mode. This will refresh the data of the docks.

Docks can be disabled under "Settings" - "Show route info drawers".

(*) Subscriptions to the mentioned services will be required in order for these functions to work (Preflight Briefing, Approach Charts, Obstacles Database).

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