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The «Document browser» module lets you access and display PDF documents while planning or during a flight.

Documents can be added in the «Document browser» either by:

  • Installing an approach charts package;
  • Uploading a PDF file from the embedded Webserver;
  • Sending a PDF document by Email and using the «Open in Air Navigation» function in the mail client;
  • Using the WebDAV server to copy files from a computer.

«Users documents» appear on top of the list and are useful to store important documents such as AFMs, Checklists, Notams, etc. Below the «User documents», you can find all the PDF documents attached to specific waypoints (ICAO or not, IFR waypoint, User waypoint, etc).

When installing an approach charts package, PDF documents will be stored and displayed on a per-airfield basis and appear in the indexed list with their identifier, name and country.

There’s a search field on top of the list that you can use to look for a specific PDF document.

It is possible to install user documents and attach them to airfields. To do so, the name of the PDF file must be prefixed with the 4 letters ICAO identifier of the corresponding airfield and the file must be uploaded in the «Appcharts» section of the embedded web server (see the «Embedded Webserver» chapter, for more details).

Alternatively, the document can be sent by email to your iPhone/iPad. Then you can use the «Open in Air Navigation» function, available when pressing on the attachment in the mail application.


After purchasing app charts, attaching PDF documents to any waypoint or adding «User documents» to the Document Browser menu, you can use the button at the top-right corner of the window to re-index and show the new documents on the list.


Note: To copy PDF documents to «Users documents» or to attach PDF documents to airfields with non-ICAO identifier, you must use the WebDAV server.

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