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Das Flugzeit-Modul wird verwendet um die aktuellen Flugbuch-Einträge zu speichern. Die Zeit sowie Abflugs-/Ankunftsorte können manuell oder automatisch eingegeben werden. Damit Air Navigation die Zeit sowie die Abflugs-/Ankunftsorte automatisch einfügen kann, muss die Option Automatic Logbook in den Einstellungen aktiviert sein. Der Triebwerksstart (Block-off time) wird von Air Navigation bei der ersten Bewegung des Flugzeugs festgelegt.

Take-off time will be set when the speed pass 30 kts. Landing time is set when the speed decrease to 25 kts. Block-on will be set when the aircraft stops. After 90 seconds with no movement, the flight will be stored in the logbook. This is to ensure that the block-on time will be registered in case you have to stop on the taxiway for example.

Air Navigation will try to find the airport at the block-off and landing location, setting the values in the logbook accordingly. Multiple take-off landings will be added to the landings count. Our filters are designed to not record events in case the GPS signal is poor or invalid. Therefore you should check that the GPS signal is good (yellow or green symbol) before using the automatic logbook.

The logbook values can be edited at any time either from the «Flight time» module, by pressing on the corresponding line, or, if the flight was already committed to the logbook, from the logbook module itself.

By pressing the «Edit» button in the top right corner, you can force commit the flight to the logbook or reset the «flight time» module to start a new flight.


If for any reason Air Navigation collapses and the application is closed during the flight, you can recover the session.

Note: on iPhone, if the «flight time» module is placed in the bottom tab bar (default), a red badge will start blinking with the time value as soon as the block-off time is set, until the flight is committed to the logbook.

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