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Different types of products can be installed to be used as the background image of the moving map module or to use with the 3D module and the Elevation Graph:

  • Free-of-charge maps;
  • Charts from the public domain;
  • Paid charts;
  • Geo-referenced approach charts;
  • 3D data (for the time being only for available iOS);
  • Free Elevation data.

These products are stored in the iPhone/iPad’s memory and do not require an internet connection while flying.

There are two ways of getting the charts/data:

There is a dedicated part in the Xample Services articles with information on how to use the Xample Services account to purchase products.

Before you attempt to download a product you should check that:

  • Your iPhone/iPod/iPad is connected to a functional Wifi network;
  • Bluetooth is turned OFF on your device, as it can disturb the Wifi network, sometimes leading to download failure.

If you wish to uninstall any chart, map or 3D data, do this from the panel «Installed products» of the Map Store module.

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