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In Air Navigation kann alles direkt auf der Moving Map gemacht werden. Es ist möglich intermediäre Wegpunkte während eines Flugs zu der aktuellen Route hinzuzufügen (z. B. um schlechte Wetterkonditionen zu umgehen).

Die Moving Map ist standardmässig um Ihre aktuelle Position herum zentriert und nach Norden ausgerichtet. Durch Drücken des Symbols in der oberen linken Ecke können Sie zwischen folgenden Einstellungen wechseln:

Northoriented.jpg Nach Norden ausgerichtet, aktuelle Position in der Mitte des Displays, beweglich;


Trackoriented.jpg Flugbahn orientiert, aktuelle Position im unteren Drittel des Bildschirms, rotierend um die aktuelle Flugbahn zu halten, beweglich;

Freemode.jpg Panned mode;

Touching and moving the map will switch to panned mode. In this case the map will be moved to the location of your choice, north oriented. It will not move to follow your current location, instead, the aircraft symbol will move on the map, possibly leave the screen area. You can center the map again and restore map movements by pressing once on the symbol in the top right corner.

Touching an area of interest on the map will reveal a popup with useful information. Touchable items are:

  • Waypoints: elevation, type, full name for Navaids and their frequency, Airports runway and frequency information. We also included: Sunrise/Sunset time and Bearing/Distance from current position.
  • Airspace: lower and upper limits, name, class and additional information.
  • METAR/TAF stations: Weather information of an Airport. You enable them in the «Map Otions» menu.

Third.jpg VMC - Visual Meteorologiacal Conditions (VFR allowed)


Fourth.jpgMarginal VMC (VFR only controlled)

Fifth.jpgIMC - Instrumental Meteorological Conditions (Only IFR flights)

You can simplify the information of METAR/TAF by enabling the option “Raw METAR/TAF” under «Settings».

On iPad, pressing outside the popup will hide it, on iPhone you have to press the close button in the top right corner of the popup.

When in «Flight mode» (default), pressing on the name of the waypoint will ask you if you want to select this waypoint and affect it to an instrument or direct to the point in the moving map.


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