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The Map Store module consists of 4 parts:

MapStore 1.png (iOS) Mapstore2.jpg (Android)

Installed products
It shows the charts, maps and data that is currently installed in the app.
 You can Re-install or Delete products partially or completely from here
All my products

It shows all the purchased charts, maps and data and the free products downloaded by the user, too. If you reinstall the application or lose a map, here you will get it back.
 It also allows you to sync the products across the different platforms.

Catalog (iOS) / Download products (Android)

In iOS It is divided into two parts:
  • by country: you can choose the country you are interested in and it will show all the charts/maps and data available for that country.

  • by product groups: it will show the products by their category.

In Android the products are displayed by category
Downloads / Download queue
It lists current and pending downloads. This module is typically used to monitor download progression of a product. It is possible to reorder/delete the downloads or cancel all by pressing on the Edit button located on the upper left corner.


Installed products appear in different colours according to the state. In Android the background color changes, in iOS the dot next to the product name:

  • White: maps are not installed;
  • Green: maps are installed and up to date;
  • Orange: new version available for download.


After a map or chart has been installed, you will be able to manage it from the «Map Options» module. Other products such as the Free Elevation data and the Geo-referenced approach charts will not show under «Map Options», but only under the «Installed products» part in the Map Store module.

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