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Air Navigation Pro supports NOTAM information for Route planning. The «Preflight Briefing» is a paid service of 1 year subscription. It is acquired through the Addons page.


When you plan a Route, you can request NOTAM for:

  • Airports from the Route
  • Close/alternative Airports
  • FIR regions

You can purchase a one-year subscription to the preflight briefings through under "ADDONS - By products group - SERVICES".

After the purchase of the susbcription you have to sync your products and an option in the "Tools" menu will be enabled called "Preflight briefings".
The upper screenshot shows how to request a preflight briefing.
You can also use the Toolbar to create one.
Notamsan.jpg (Android)
Briefing2.jpg (iOS)
Notamsan2.jpg (Android)


The NOTAM information will show on the map if we set it under Tools. Small triangles in yellow / red will display a pop up window with NOTAM information for a selected waypoint or region.

How much info/data will I see on each preflight sheet?

  • NOTAM Serie “A” only (International Airports) worldwide.
  • NOTAM Serie “A” and “C” (INTL and national Airports) for Europe.
  • Smart NOTAM for Switzerland/France/Germany (decoded NOTAM).

When we request briefing, we will be able to configure what airports, FIR regions and close airports will be included in the preflight sheet, which will look like the following example:

Preflightan4.jpg (Android) Brief.jpg (iOS)

Note: preflight briefings do not have to be downloaded once the subscrition is purchased. You will see it under "Map Store - All my products" with a green circle next to it.


The preflight sheet can be sent by email for printing it out.

We can also request briefing through the Xample Services Website (screenshot below).


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