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Air Navigation Pro supports sound alerts. They can be enabled from the «Settings» module:

  • Navaids will reproduce the morse-code sound when pressing on them in the map;
  • Waypoint approach/departure to/from a selected waypoint. This option will play a 2-note sound going up in tone when approaching to the waypoint and the same sound going down in tone when flying away from the waypoint.
  • An alert sound for the Variometer has been included.


User can also attach custom sound alerts in Air Navigation Pro for when approaching to a selected waypoint. The idea is to play a sound alert at a determined distance to the selected waypoint from current location. More than one sound file can be attached and they will be assigned to only one distance each.

The sound file has to be copied into the root folder of Air Navigation Pro through the WebDAV server. Click here for details about how to use the WebDAV server.

It must be copied under the following conditions:

  • sound file in WAV format
  • sound file name starts by OVH_
  • sound file name continues with a number in meters.
This number will reflect distance to the selected waypoint you wish to hear the sound.

You will find examples below:

File names: OVH_500.wav OVH_1000.wav

The files above represent a sound alert as soon as you enter the circle of 1000 meters and 500 meters radius centered on next waypoint selected on the map. The screenshot beside shows clearly where the files should be copied.

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