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 h English (en)The following are tools to import/export data:
* <u>'''[[Embedded Webserver|Embedded Webserver]]'''</u> (import/export)
* <u>'''[[WebDAV server|WebDAV server]]'''</u> (import/export)
* <u>'''[[Email feature|Email feature]]'''</u> (export only)
* <u>'''[[Open in Air Nav feature|Open in Air Nav feature]]'''</u> (import only)
* <u>'''[[Backup waypoints option|Backup option for user waypoints]]'''</u> (import/export)
* <u>'''[[Air_Navigation_iOS#Xample services|Xample Services]]'''</u> (import/export)
 h español (es)Las siguientes son las herramientas para importar/exportar datos:
* <u>'''[[Embedded Webserver/es|Servidor Web]]'''</u> (importation/exportation)
* <u>'''[[WebDAV server/es|Servidor WebDAV]]'''</u> (importación/exportación)
* <u>'''[[Email feature/es|Función email]]'''</u> (exportación)
* <u>'''[[Open in Air Nav feature/es|Opción “Abrir in Air Nav”]]'''</u> (importación)
* <u>'''[[Backup waypoints option/es|Opción para copiar waypoints]]'''</u> (importación/exportación)
* <u>'''[[Air_Navigation_iOS/es#Xample services|Xample Services]]'''</u> (importación/exportación)
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 h français (fr)Ce qui suit sont des outils pour importer/exporter des données:
* <u>'''[[Embedded Webserver/fr|Serveur Webswerver]]'''</u> (importation/exportation)
* <u>'''[[WebDAV server/fr|Serveur WebDAV]]'''</u> (importation/exportation)
* <u>'''[[Email feature/fr|Outil d’Email]]'''</u> (seulement exportation)
* <u>'''[[Open in Air Nav feature/fr|Option “Open in Air Nav”]]'''</u> (seulement importation)
* <u>'''[[Backup waypoints option/fr|Option “Backup user waypoints”]]'''</u> (importation/exportation)
* <u>'''[[Air_Navigation_iOS/fr#Xample services|Xample Services]]'''</u> (importation/exportation)
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 h português (pt)Para poder importar/exportar dados, utilizaremos os métodos seguintes:
* <u>'''[[Embedded Webserver|Servidor Webserver]]'''</u> (importar/exportar)
* <u>'''[[WebDAV server|Servidor WebDAV]]'''</u> (importar/exportar)
* <u>'''[[Email feature|Ferramenta de Email]]'''</u> (só exportar)
* <u>'''[[Open in Air Nav feature|Copiar para Air Nav Pro]]'''</u> (import only)
* <u>'''[[Backup waypoints option|Opção “backup waypoints”]]'''</u> (importar/exportar)
* <u>'''[[Air_Navigation_iOS#Xample services|Serviços de Xample]]'''</u> (importar/exportar)
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