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If the elevation data is installed for your region, the elevation graph will display terrain information. Note that you will show data information ONLY after downloading «Free Elevation data» files or «3D data» files from the «Map Store». The difference between each is that the former may have inaccuracies and the latter is more precise and complete.

In «Flight mode», it will display the terrain in front of the aircraft, updating the view every 5 seconds, the terrain view can be zoomed to display 10 NM to 50 NM of terrain elevation. The maximum reported altitude will be displayed in the top left corner of the elevation view. A symbol representing your aircraft will be displayed in the view with a red dashed line, representing your current altitude, as reported by the GPS.

In «Edit mode», it will display the terrain between the two waypoints of the selected leg. This is very useful when planning your route, to get an estimate of the minimum safe altitude.

Please note that even with a good GPS signal, the altitude as reported by the GPS may have an accuracy of +/- 200 ft. Elevation database may also contains some inaccuracies. You should always plan your flight with a reasonable margin over the obstacles.


Note 1: The «3D data» includes all the terrain information with better accuracy than the one from the «Free Elevation data». It`s more complete and it works for both the terrain profile graph and the «3D EFIS» module (for more info refer to the «3D EFIS module» chapter).

Note 2: Remember that you can activate the Airspace view in the Elevation Graph from the menu «Map options», then looking for the option under «Airspaces» section. The Elevation Graph should look like the following screenshot shows.


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