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The following is a list of common issues experienced by the users of Air Navigation Pro. We propose some of the possible quick solutions as follows:


Before proceeding, verify that you have the latest version of Air Nav Pro installed.

Check directly in your iPad/iPhone by accessing to the App Store - Updates.

Cannot upgrade to the latest version of Air Nav Pro.
Please check minimum requirements on this article.
Loaded Air Nav Pro for the first time and no maps/current location are showing.
Please refer to this article.
Slow functionality, crashes, weird behavior.
Reboot device. Close apps you don’t use while running Air Nav Pro. Check for latest iOS upgrades. Check GPS signal reception. Disable waypoints/airspaces you don’t need on the map. See how to hide them on this article.
Problems still continue: reinstall app completely: first backup stored data: check this article.
If you want to make a crash report, please refer to this article.
Intermittent GPS signal loss.
Reboot device. Use the option «Alternate speed/course» from the Settings of Air Nav Pro.
Total GPS signal loss.
Reboot device. Check under «Privacy» - «Location Services» in the Settings of the iPad/iPhone. The switch of Air Nav Pro must be enabled. Make also sure to have the sensor “iOS Location Services” enabled as well within Air Nav Pro. Screenshots on article External GPS antennas.
External GPS device does not work with Air Nav Pro.
Reboot device. Proceed as described on article External GPS antennas.
Maps will not download to device.
Reboot wifi network and check it is working properly. Disable bluetooth.
Try a different wifi network if possible.
Purchased maps are lost after reinstalling Air Nav Pro.
Please refer to this article.
Issues with waypoints/airspaces packages.
Read this article.
Issues with Approach Charts/Briefing/Obstacles.
Details to install app charts on this article, details on how to use them on this article.
Details on Preflight Briefing service on this article, details on obstacles on this article.
Issues with FSX plugin.
Please, refer to this article.

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