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Manuals are available for:
Manuals are available for:
=== [[Air Navigation iOS]] ===
== [[Air Navigation iOS]] ==
=== [[Air Navigation Android]] ===
== [[Air Navigation Android]] ==
=== [[Air Navigation Desktop]] ===
== [[Air Navigation Desktop]] ==
Oliver, some Editing Links on Formatting
Oliver, if you want to run with this style, we can change the backgrounds and formatting to match the Air Nav, but you need to decide if you are happy to use a wiki format before we invest.
Suggest you set up some samples and experiment a bit, use OSm or wikipedia as examples of what is possible, google "wikimedia how do I change .. " and tehr eis a ton of examples. If you need admin stuff done, let me know, but it should only be formatting at this stage. There are a million admin options, but I can set these once you are sure you want to proceed

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