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Gracias por su interés en Air Navigation Pro. Air Navigation fue originalmente desarrollado para dispositivos Apple que funcionen bajo el sistema operativo IOS 4 o mayor. Fue desarrollado teniendo en mente a la Aviación General. No obstante, fue rápidamente adoptado por pilotos de varias aeronaves, incluyendo, por ejemplo: parapentes, planeadores, ultraligeros, aeroplanos con uno o varios motores, helicópteros e incluso globos aerostáticos.

After receiving positive feedback from users all over the world, we decided to take Air Navigation to the Android platform. Our goal is to implement as many tools and features as we offer on Air Navigation iOS, by releasing regular updates.


Air Navigation is an affordable, yet powerful flight planning and real-time navigation application. We hope you will enjoy the product as much as we enjoyed working on it.


Here you will find some tips on getting started with Air Navigation and how to optimize your usage.

User interface

The user interface is different depending on the device that is being used.

Moving map

The moving map is the main instrument of Air Navigation. It is used for real time navigation as well as route planning or creation of user waypoints.


Besides the moving map and navigation instruments, various tools are available to help with flight planning and other tasks.

Xample Services

Get the full potential of all the features by connecting Air Navigation with your Xample Services account.


External devices

Getting support