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;*<u>[[Wind correction]]</u>
;*<u>[[Wind correction]]</u>
;*<u>[[Add fuel quantity]]</u>
;*<u>[[Add fuel quantity]]</u>
;*<u>[[Weight and Balance]]</u>
;*<u>[[Weight_and_Balance#Desktop_version | Weight and Balance]]</u>
;*<u>[[Weather briefing]]</u>
;*<u>[[Weather briefing]]</u>
;*<u>[[Preflight briefing (NOTAM)]]</u>
;*<u>[[Preflight briefing (NOTAM)]]</u>

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Air Navigation Desktop

Air Navigation was first developed as a real-time navigation application for iOS. It was quickly adopted by pilots of various flying vehicles including para-gliders, gliders, ultralight, single and multiengine airplanes, helicopters and even hot-air balloons.

We decided then to continue improving the app and develop it for other operative systems, such as Android and MAC OS X.


Air Navigation Desktop is a complete flight-planning application with a varied use that will run under OS X. Among other uses, you will be able to plan your flight, print flight documents and synchronize routes with your mobile device.

Getting started

User interface

Flight planning

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Getting Support