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====[[About this wiki]]====
====[[About Air Navigation Desktop]]====
====[[About Air Navigation Desktop]]====
====[[Minimum Requirements]]====
====[[Minimum Requirements]]====

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About this wiki

About Air Navigation Desktop

Minimum Requirements


User interface

Main screen

Menu bar

Top tool bar

3D view

The background map (moving map)

Mission TAB

Elevation TAB


Library TAB

Getting started

Create a new mission

Install maps and products (Map Store)

Create a new flight

Add crew + Aircraft profile

Complete the Weight and Balance module

Assign an Aircraft profile to a mission

Assign crew to a flight

Flight planning

Create a route

Geo-referenced approach charts

Wind correction

Add fuel quantity

Weight and balance Graph

Weather briefing

Preflight briefing (NOTAM)

Print options


Xample Services User Account

Purchase subscriptions (Add-ons)

Synchronize/Install purchased maps/products

Synchronize routes with your iOS device

Help + Tips

Contact us