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Air Navigation Pro supports geo-referenced approach charts that can be opened directly over the map.

We offer 1-year-subscription packages that includes:

  • Geo-referenced Approach Charts (to be used on the map)
  • Approach Charts PDF documents (including documents with additional info)
  • Regular updates according to the Amendment cycles.

These packages are acquired through the Addons page.

How to use the charts


Both can be opened by selecting a waypoint on the map. As an example on the image above, we selected the waypoint SKBG from the moving map. The files from the top are the PDF documents, while the files at the bottom are the geo-referenced approach charts classified by IFR or VFR (instrumental or visual).


From Settings, you can choose to open the app charts manually or auto, for all airports in the route, only for departure and arrival or for just the nearest airport from current position.


The PDF documents will be also stored in the «Document browser», where we will be able to search by ICAO-code Airport and open them.


In order to hide the approach chart you should use the RED icon from the toolbar.

Approach charts in the 3D view

It is possible to show approach charts in the 3D view. To do this:

  • Tap on an airfield and display a georeferenced chart on the 2D view
  • Change to the 3D View


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