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A PDF document can be attached to ANY waypoint from the database.

The purpose of this can be one of the following:

  • Add an Aerodrome chart diagram to an Airfield from the map
  • Add a PDF sheet to correct/complement any waypoint’s data
  • Add a PDF sheet with additional information such as:
    • contact frequency
    • approach instructions
    • info about the place
    • photos to recognize the area
    • etc.

The procedure to ATTACH a PDF document to a waypoint is as follows:

  • Create a folder in the /sdcard/ folder of the Android device:
(for devices WITHOUT sdcard, create them in the root folder) create /AirNavPro
  • Create another folder inside /AirNavPro/ create /user_app_charts
  • Create a folder with the ID of the waypoint inside /user_app_charts/
Example 1: I have a PDF document for SADM then we will create /SADM
Example 2: I have a PDF document for “la colorada” then we will create /la colorada
  • Copy the PDF document inside the ID folder
Example 1: we should have /sdcard/AirNavPro/user_app_charts/SADM/document.PDF

To OPEN the PDF document, you will select the waypoint directly on the map.


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