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  • Is it possible to install the application on multiple operating systems using only one license?Unfortunately this is not possible. The engine code of each Air Navigation Pro version is different.
    You can install your maps on all your devices whatever the platform (iOS, Android, MacOS), but you need to get the applications from their specific stores (AppStore, GooglePlay) and get one license per platform.
    What happens if I change the Google Play or iTunes account? Can I reinstall the application and my products purchased from within the application?If you want to transfer the application and products to your new account you have to contact Apple (iTunes) or Google (Google Play), depending on your operating system. They manage the accounts.
    Can I upgrade from the Standard version to the Pro version (iOS)?Yes! You can purchase the bundle “Air Navigation Standard to Pro upgrade”. You will just be be billed the difference between the Standard and the Pro version.
    Will the app be available for other operating systems (Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows)?We already support iOS, Mac OS and Android. We always stay up to date about other existing platforms and when we decide to support another platform, we’ll let you know via our Facebook page.
    How can I be informed about the latest news about Air Navigation?To stay informed about all new updates, features and other news about the app you can follow us on twitter or on our facebook page. We regularly post updates there
    Twitter https://twitter.com/AirNavPro
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AirNavigationApp
    Which features are available for each version?On our product page on the website you can compare the different versions of Air Navigation Pro
    Why are there so many differences between the Android and the iOS version?The Android version is relatively new and the iOS version has more features. We are working hard to improve the overall engine code and to add new features.
    Does the Android version supports FSX?At the moment the Android version does not support FSX. Of course we are always trying to improve the application and we hope to make this happen in the future.
    How to easily backup my data (iOS)?There are many ways to backup your data. Find more about how to do this in this part of our website
    How do I get a refund?iOS/OSX
    The refunds are made by Apple.
    Contact Apple: http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084
    Android: In the first two hours the refunds are made by Google.
    Contact Google: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/134336?hl=en
    If you want to refund the product after these two hours you can contact us through our online support center: https://support.airnavigation.aero
    To refund products you bought through our Xample Services website you can also contact us through our online support center: https://support.airnavigation.aero
    Once I purchased the application, is there any additional costs to use the flight tracking feature and share my flight in real time?This feature comes without any additional costs for our users. Just create a free account at
    Is it fast enough to run on iPad 2?Yes, Air Navigation Pro runs on iPad 2. We have stopped developing for older iOS version. iOS devices that are not able to update to the newest iOS version that is available, will not receive our latest updates.
    Does the application support gliders and helicopters as well?Yes, Air Navigation Pro can be used on any kind of aircraft.
    Can I really access to the TAF/METAR of the whole world?Yes, as long as you have a valid internet connection, you will be able to download METAR & TAF information of the whole world.

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