Cartas de aproximação geo-referenciadas

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Air Navigation Pro supports geo-referenced approach charts that can be opened directly over the map.

We offer a 1-year-subscription package that includes:

  • Geo-referenced Approach Charts to be used on the map.
  • Approach Charts PDF documents (with additional info).
  • Regular updates according to the Amendment cycles.

To purchase a subscription, read the article Installation.

Both can be opened by selecting a waypoint on the map. As an example, we selected the waypoint SKBG from the moving map. The files from the top are the PDF documents, while the files at the bottom are the geo-referenced approach charts classified by IFR or VFR (instrumental or visual).


We will set the class of the approach (VFR/IFR) chart we want to use in the Settings panel, where the user can also enable or disable the option «Auto approach chart». When enabled, the geo-referenced approach charts will be opened on the map automatically by Air Nav Pro for the destination waypoint.

Example: if I create a Route: SKBG - SKBO - SAEZ. If we have downloaded the approach charts for SAEZ, then an approach chart will pop up on the map when SAEZ is our next selected waypoint.



To hide the approach chart, use the RED icon from the toolbar.

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