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After installation of the application, on every launch, the system will ask to activate the GPS antenna in case it is not.


You should allow GPS access to Air Nav, otherwise realtime navigation functionalities will not work properly.

After launching Air Navigation Pro for the first time, the map should be centered to your current location. The application has an internal waypoints database and you should see waypoints in the vicinity on the map.


Please note that NO MAP background is installed with the application. You can install a map background from various free of charge or commercial sources from the «MapStore» module located in the «Configuration» button on a tablet and in the «Config» tab on a mobile.


Should you wish to change length, speed or altitude UNITS, you can do it from the «Settings» panel.

You can also enable/disable the option for map rotation, use magnetic or true north for track and bearing and in if you are not connected to a wifi network, but you wish to download a map through GSM, you are able to do it by activating the option.

In this panel, you will also be able to configure the type of Approach Chart you will use (VFR or IFR) on the moving map.

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