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The Map Store module is reachable from the top tool bar by clicking on the button with the “cart” symbol. Varied types of products can be downloaded:

  • Free maps and topo charts
  • ICAO charts
  • Geo-referenced Approach Charts
  • 3D data
  • Obstacles map
  • Free Waypoints + Airspaces database

Some of them are offered for free and some others can be purchased directly from the Map Sore or belong to an annual subscription.
To learn how to subscribe to Approach Charts, Free databases and Obstacles packages, please read the article «The User Account».


If you already purchased maps and other products and wish to use them with Air Nav Desktop, we refer you to the article «Synchronize purchased maps/products».


Each map or product is presented with details in the Map Store when they are selected. They can be divided in many parts depending on how big the country or covered area is. The parts can be installed separately pressing on a desired file or all at the same time by pressing on the «download» button.



The downloaded products will show under «My Products» as described in the screenshot above.

A map or product can be uninstalled partially or completely from this part of the Map Store.

To pause, check progress or cancel the download, use the buttons on the right side of the product in the section «Downloads» of the Map Store module.



Downloaded Maps will be displayed on a list in the «Maps» module within the Map TAB.

Make sure to activate the maps you will use for flight planning.

In the example beside, only the Swiss map is active and it will be open in the background, while the rest will not.

The maps in the list can be also reordered by placing each of them above or below the others.

There are two possible solutions for when maps of bordering countries are overlaying. You can disable the map you do not use or you can place it below the one you want to entirely show.

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