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Every time there is an update for a map, chart or 3D data, you will be notified by a red symbol as the screenshot shows beside.

The red symbol will appear on both the bottom bar of the Map Store module and next to the product.

The reason for an update may be:

  • A chart update that is part of your subscription is available;

  • We found an issue with the chart/data and we released a fixed version.

Waypoints and Airspaces

In order to get more frequent updates from the waypoints and airspaces databases, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Xample Services
  2. Create a User Account
  3. Go to the Addons page
  4. SUBSCRIBE to:
    • Free waypoints database
Free airspaces database

Then, on your iPad/iPhone:

  1. Login with your User Account info under «Air Navigation Services»
  2. Make sure to have the option «Synchronize addons» enabled
  3. Go to «All my products»
  4. Download the Free Databases files.

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