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Installing maps and charts

Screenshots of our products: link to the gallery of screenshots

Different type of products can be installed to be used as the background image of the moving map module or to use with the 3D module and the Elevation Graph:

  • Free-of-charge maps;
  • Charts from the public domain;
  • Paid charts;
  • Geo-referenced approach charts;
  • 3D data;
  • Free Elevation data.

These products are stored in the iPhone/iPad’s memory and do not require an internet connection while flying.

There are two ways of getting the charts/data:

In this chapter, we will focus on the Map Store .
There is a dedicated part in the Xample Services chapter with information on how to use the Xample Services account to purchase products.

Before you attempt to download a product you should check that:

  • Your iPhone/iPod/iPad is connected to a functional Wifi network;
  • Bluetooth is turned OFF on your device, as it can disturb the Wifi network, sometimes leading to download failure.

if you wish to uninstall any chart, map or 3D data, you should do it from the panel «Installed products» of the Map Store module.

Map Store

The Map Store module has been modified totally on version 5.3 to make it more easy to use. It looks like the screenshot beside shows and it’s reachable from the Configuration button/tab. It has 4 sections:

MapStore 1.png

Installed products
It shows the charts, maps and data that is currently installed in the app.

All my products'

It shows all the purchased charts, maps and data and the free products downloaded by the user, too. If you reinstall the application or lose a map, here you will get it back.
It also allows to sync the products purchased on the Android version.


MapStore 2.png
It is divided into two parts:
  • by country: you can choose the country you are interested in and you will show all the charts/maps and data available for that country.

  • by product groups: you will show the products by their category.

It lists current and pending downloads. This module is typically used to monitor download progression of a product. It is possible to reorder/delete the downloads or cancel all by pressing on the Edit button located at the upper left corner.

Re-installing purchased maps, charts and 3D data

MapStore 3.png

The button labeled «All my products» reachable from the bottom bar of the module will display all the maps, charts and 3D data acquired by the user iTunes account from the very first time, no matter they were installed or not.

In order to re-install previously acquired maps, charts or 3D data, you can look into this module and press on the

MapStore 6.png

desired one to install it.
You can also choose to install them all by pressing on the upper left corner button (see screenshot on the right).

You should Always use the same iTunes account.

The option Input code is still present for a product that was sold with a license code, such as the German VFR approach charts.


MapStore 4.png

Every time there is an update for a map, chart or 3D data, you will be notified by a red symbol as the screenshot shows beside.

The red symbol will appear on both the bottom bar of the Map Store module and next to the product.

The reason for an update may be:

  • A chart update that is part of your subscription is available;

  • We found an issue with the chart/data and we released a fixed version.

Waypoints and Airspaces

In order to get more frequent updates from the waypoints and airspaces databases, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Xample Services
  2. Create a User Account
  3. Go to the Addons page
  4. SUBSCRIBE to:
    • Free waypoints database
Free airspaces database

Then, on your iPad/iPhone:

MapStore 5.png
  1. Login with your User Account info under «Air Navigation Services»
  2. Make sure to have the option «Synchronize addons» enabled
  3. Go to «All my products»
  4. Download the Free Databases files.