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To browse the available maps/charts catalog, choose «MapStore» from the «Configuration» menu (top-right button) on a tablet or from the «Config» tab on a mobile.

The «Map Store» module has 4 parts:


Installed Products

It displays a list of maps and charts installed on your device. Re-install or Delete a whole product or just parts of it.

All my products Inside this part, you will RESTORE purchased maps and charts and SYNC them with up to three Android or iOS devices.

Download queue Current and pending downloads will show here. It is possible to cancel a download in progress.

Download products The catalog will show up in this part and you will choose which maps or charts you will install.

Danger.jpg Before attempting to download a map you should check that:

  • the tablet/mobile is connected to a functional Wifi network.
  • bluetooth is turned OFF, as it can disturb the Wifi network.
  • there is enough space on the tablet/mobile sdcard or internal memory.


Installed products appear in different colors

according to:

  • White: maps are not installed;
  • Green: maps are installed and up to date;
  • Orange: new version available for download.


After a map or chart has been installed, you will be able to manage it from the «Map Options» module.

Other products such as the Free Elevation data and the Geo-referenced approach charts will not show under «Map Options», but only under the «Installed products» part in the Map Store module.

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