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Some of the features Air Navigation Desktop offers are:

  • Create routes,
  • Create your own Aircraft and Pilot profiles,
  • Calculate weight, balance and fuel consumption,
  • Set minimum safe altitudes for each leg,
  • Set wind speed and direction for each leg,
  • Retrieve wind forecast from our weather server,
  • Check weather,
  • Check for NOTAM,
  • Print your flight plan,
  • Download maps of various providers (Ofcial, non-ofcial, Free sources),
  • Explore a database of more than 160.000 waypoints worldwide, (including Airports, Helipads, Navaids, IFR waypoints, VFR waypoints),
  • Work with a database of interactive Airspaces for more than 70 countries,
  • Switch to the Synthetic Vision view (EFIS 3D module),
  • Sync your app with many other devices at the same time.

For a complete list of all the features available in every different version, click here.

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