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By default, the moving map is in «Flight mode». You can toggle the moving map from «Flight mode» to «EDIT MODE» at any time to create or amend a route by pressing on the «Edit» button in the Toolbar.


To create a route:

  • Toggle to «edit mode», a yellow-and-black striped bar should
    appear at the top of the moving map. A search field will also appear on top of the «Route module».
  • To Add waypoints to your route, press on waypoints of your choice on the moving map. In the waypoint popup, press on the «add» option. A yellow star should appear on the moving map and your waypoint should be in the «Route» list.
  • Alternatively, you can input one or more waypoint identifiers in the «search» field on top of the «Route module» and press on “search”. Multiple identifiers must be separated by a space:

Route 2.jpg


In edit mode it is also possible to remove waypoints from the list in the «Route module». Alternatively, you can remove a waypoint by pressing on the map and choose the «remove» option.