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iOS version


O perfil da aeronave inclui uma seção de peso balanceamento onde você pode inserir a posição do peso/braços e os valores do envelope. Quando um perfil for selecionado, você pode calcular fácilmente o peço e balanceamento com a ferramenta W&B Calc a partir do menu «Ferramentas».


Once everything is set and all the values are entered, you will be able to see the calculation reflected on a graph, under «Tools» menu.


As mentioned before, the W&B tool is located in the Aircraft profile under «Document Browser».

On the screenshot at the upper-right, you will see the available fields to be completed. The weights for seats, baggage and misc will be entered from the «Tools» menu AFTER the rest of the data has been already completed. The same happens to the amount of fuel.

Note: you need to enter at least 4 points for envelope data.

Example on W&B tool

In order to complete data related to the aircraft’s nature, you MUST use a certified manual of the aircraft’s model.


This is NOT a certified calculator.

Let’s first complete the data concerning the aircrafts specifications. We’ll take a C150 as an example.


In order to complete the «Envelope» data, the values are taken from the CG Envelope Graph.


We proceed with the Seats, Fuel and Baggage, as shown in the screenshot.


Note: The Miscellaneous part is optional.


After the module is completed, we then make sure to have the Aircraft profile selected from the aircraft list (see the green mark on the left side of the profile).

Finally, we go to the «Tools» menu and we select the «W&B Calc» panel, from where we will complete with the weights and fuel information:


Note: once we have the module completed, we proceed to press on the button «Calculate».

Desktop version

The Weight and Balance module will allow you to use the following tools when flight planning:


This is why it is so important to carefully complete this module with all the required data.

caption It is necessary to have the aircraft operative manual to complete this module.


Air Nav Desktop will compute all the required values and drop the final results on the Envelope graph. This will show whether the aircraft is balanced or not.


The results of the Weight and Balance Graph are not certified by any aviation authorities.

Here’s a diagram to give an idea of what values are involved in the final results:

Values mac.jpg

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